oNote team

Meet the oNote team!

Bobby Calderwood

Founder and Software Engineer

Bobby drives a truck and develops software. A true renaissance man, no?

Cash Monestine


Cash loves long walks on the beach, delicious steak dinners and Event Modeling.

Mike Shearer

Lead Software Engineer

Jo Pearson

Lead Designer

Jo’s Love Languages include Words of Affirmation, State-of-the-art Apps, and Sweet Design.

Terry Blessing

Technical Writer

We suspect—strongly—that Terry’s last name actually refers to her many gifts, including writing.

Kevin Calderwood


Kevin combined his two passions for this oNote project: family and investing.

Tracey Mustacchio


Technology lover and marketer by day, dessert connoisseur and book critic by night.

John Kealey


When John isn’t advising, he’s out boating around on the lake with his wife.

Anthony Archibald


Anthony loves mountain biking and skiing with his 4 daughters.

Adam Dymitruk

Distinguished Technical Advisor

Developed Event Modeling as a way to build information systems predictably.

oNote is a product of Evident Systems LLC.

Bobby Calderwood founded Evident Systems LLC in 2018 to help companies build event-based information systems. He has spoken at conferences and written about achieving better software architecture by focusing on business events.